Welcome to Big Blue Resources Holding Limited

Big Blue Resources Holding Limited (BBRH) is coal focused Hong Kong-registered company. The company's American management focuses on the exploration, development and mining of thermal coal in Indonesia. With a pipeline of coal projects currently under development through the managements close cooperation with both local community and national government officials. With their first project in exploration and development, the LK mine is made up of a number coal concessions in East Kalimantan totaling over ten thousand hectares, only 13 km from the Mahakam river and 1 hour West of Samarinda.


BBRH's focus is the development of Indonesian coal resources, as the country is one of the world's largest thermal coal exporters with added advantage of its close distance to some of the largest and fastest growing coal importing countries in the world, such as China, India, Japan and Korea. All countries that Big Blues Resources management have experience in marketing to.

So with Big Blues coal assets and the location of those coal holdings, this makes the company an attractive investment for any investor looking for exposure to China/Asian economic growth and energy markets.